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Nice game! I stumbled upon it when I played La Cirque du Manchot Manifique, and I wanted to see what the artist, Poddlesli also worked on.

First of all, I'm not great at platformers, but I like a challenge, and this game was quite the challenge for me. There's just a few things I'd like to point out that I noticed. When I started the game, the timer begins at about 45-60 seconds in, I believe that's because the timer starts when you press "space" on the title screen, not when you begin the actual gameplay. I know some games like to record how long it takes for you to complete the game, but for platformers, I'd prefer a timer that goes down, so there's an added threat to finish a level in time.

Secondly, whenever I collected a piece of cheese and died, the cheese would reappear. For example, since I died so many times in the beginning, I was able to collect 30+ cheese by the time I was on the 3rd level. I think it would be an improvement if the cheese didn't respawn after I collected it the first time.

Aside from those two things, I thought the story was really cute, the intro artstyle was great, and graphics are nice. I know this was a submission for a game jam, but if you ever get the chance to polish this up- this could be a really great game!